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This structure is the basis and visualization of our new research QM. Officially, the QM House is called PREMIER (Productiveness and Robustness through Modular Improvement of Experimental Research) and is a three-year project financed by the Volkswagen Foundation.

The aim of PREMIER is the development of a structured quality assurance, consisting of modular elements, in which high-quality preclinical research is feasible and practicable. We want to demonstrate the principle feasibility of structured quality assurance (proof of concept) in the field of preclinical academic biomedicine, provide indirect proof of the effectiveness of the measures and lay a foundation for the scientific community to further develop and improve such an open system.

The individual modules of the QM House can be clicked on and lead to further information.

PREMIER PolicyPREMIER Planning of ExperimentsPREMIER Conducting ExperimentsPREMIER EvaluationPREMIER ReportingPREMIER Communication and DisseminationPREMIER Documentation and Data StoragePREMIER Education / TrainingPREMIER Error ManagementPREMIER Legal Requirements and GuidelinesPREMIER Laboratory OrganizationPREMIER Quality AssuranceQM-House.png

The PREMIER concept (QM House) is pre-registered with OSF at https://osf.io/xw75z/

You can find detailed information on the PREMIER Website.

Discuss at PREMIER forum

The PREMIER Explainer Video describes the objectives of such quality assurance and why PREMIER should be used as a basis for biomedical research.